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To develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form

When something evolves, it changes over time. It transforms for the better, while maintaining roots in its origin. An evolution is gradual in nature, yet it brings about desired and needed change. The Fulton Theatre is poised for the next step in its own evolution.

Achieving that evolution requires tangible work along with updated tools and increased space. The changes to the facility will create a fresh experience for its audience members while supporting growth in artistic talent and production capabilities.

Evolve Highlights

Gathering Spaces

Improve audience experience before, during and after the shows with a new, expanded lobby space.

Provide for additional special event opportunities and community partnerships.

Restroom Facilities

Increase the number of restrooms by more than 80%.

Addition of family bathrooms.


Update to the electrical system and digital mechanics in the existing elevator.

Add a new elevator to improve access to the Tell Studio Theatre.

HVAC System

Provide back-up redundancy.

Create zone heating and cooling to address varying temperatures in large audience areas.

Concept Design:Richard Levengood, RLA Associates Architect of Record: Tippets Weaver Architects Renderings: abSketches


To rise or lift something up to a higher position

By making strategic and critical changes to the building through this Breakout Performance campaign, the Fulton Theatre will be able to stage productions on a national scale comparable to the most sophisticated theatre producers in the nation.

Because of the renovation and enlargement of the existing stage and rehearsal spaces, multiple shows can be produced simultaneously. More backstage space will allow the Fulton to use and store multiple sets as well as provide space for actors to more easily transition to and from the stage.

The additional rehearsal space will monumentally improve the ability to rehearse larger productions. Having space to rehearse that accommodates the set of the show will increase the production schedule, decrease dark periods and aid in running repertory - all of which will allow patrons to see more than one show within the same week.

Elevate Highlights

Backstage Right Expansion

Allow for actor staging and set storage – key to producing more than one main-stage show at a time.

Eliminate the current dependency on external storage for set pieces.

Castagna Hall Addition

Create the ability to rehearse large-scale, Broadway-style shows.

Give actors the opportunity to rehearse with sets and props.

Provide flexibility to rehearse one show during the day and perform a different show in the evening, decreasing the dark periods between shows.

Stage Equipment and Prep Area Updates

Improve the rigging (used to fly scenery), lightning and sound systems that will allow the Fulton Theatre to produce shows at a competitive level with other modern theatre companies.

Improve existing dressing rooms and green rooms, as well as create dressing rooms for 4th floor Tell Studio Theatre.

Concept Design:Richard Levengood, RLA Associates Architect of Record: Tippets Weaver Architects Renderings: abSketches


Fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially something creative

Through significant generosity, the Fulton Theatre has custody of a number of surrounding properties and seeks to create a welcoming streetscape environment that attracts patrons, visitors and performers to the area. The resulting increase in foot traffic will have a direct economic impact on surrounding businesses in the community.

Inspire Highlights

Updates to King St Streetscape

Renovate buildings to include the original appearance of red bricks and cornices.

Be used for artist housing.

Encourage business activity that attracts pedestrian interest.

Growing the Endowment Fund

Provide funds for ongoing capital needs.

Support the development of a wider range of productions.

Keep ticket costs affordable.

Breakout Performance