The Creation of Stage Right

Published 11.8.19
What is stage right?

It can be a geographic location, a cardinal direction on a stage, or a stage direction given to an actor by the director or choreographer. From an actor’s perspective, the direction refers to his or her right, or the audience’s left. It’s useful to an actor so that the director can set blocking for the performance. For example, a director may say to an actor, “move stage right for this line,” “exit stage right after your monologue,” or “top of the scene, enter stage right.” Stage directions are vital to the director, actor, scenic artist, and everyone involved in a stage production.

So why are we talking about stage right?

Until this past summer, the Fulton Theatre didn’t have one. Or at least, the Fulton didn’t have one large enough to house more than a few people at a time and certainly not enough room to accommodate large set pieces. The lack of a stage right presented some challenges with many of our productions. Set designers* had to design the sets for each production so that they could exclusively move from stage left. Additionally, it was difficult for actors to gather before their entrances as the wall only extended approximately five feet from the edge of the curtain.


In July of 2019, our construction team broke through the existing stage right wall to create a 19’ x 17’ opening to the new stage right space which is now located behind the buildings on W. King St. The new space will open so many doors for the Fulton, both literally and figuratively. Once we are granted our Certificate of Occupancy at the end of November, stage right will offer ample room for actors and set pieces. The new stage right, as part of our Breakout Performance Campaign expansion efforts, will improve our productions and continue to allow the Fulton to grow as an industry recognized leader in the theatrical world. We hope you will continue to visit this site to read more about our National Historic theatre and to follow construction progress!


*A set designer is someone who is in charge of designing and creating sets for films, television, and theatre (sets are the physical surroundings in which all the action will take place during the production)

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